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M&A advisory
specializing in IT

When Paradigm Shift was established in 2011, there was no M&A advisory firm specializing in IT-related M&A. At the time, many people thought that IT companies did not have assets and were not suitable for M&A. This is because the number of mergers and acquisitions in Japan was small.

However, the pace of development of IT was remarkable, and new IT technologies were being created day by day. We were witnessing these trends in the IT industry at the time, and we were strongly convinced that new value would be created by the integration of IT technologies with existing businesses, or by the integration of IT technologies with existing businesses, or by the creation of new value in the market. In other words, we were convinced that there would be an increase in the number of connections between IT companies and old economy companies, and that the need for mergers and acquisitions in the IT sector would increase. Therefore, we established Paradigm Shift, an M&A advisory firm specializing in the IT domain, to support the creation of such new value.

Today, many large and well-established companies, including long-established ones, are realizing the need to "improve business efficiency through IT" and "introduce cutting-edge technology", and M&A in the IT domain has become an essential part of their growth strategies. In addition, some IT business start-ups have been able to grow their businesses in a short period of time by taking advantage of the abundant resources of major corporations, and capital tie-ups with major corporations are now becoming a common strategy for growth.

The time has come for the "creation of new values" (i.e., a paradigm shift) that we have envisioned. As a pioneer in IT-related M&A advisory services, we will continue to lead the way in this field.


  • 1

    Business expansion through capital and business alliances

  • 2

    Maintain and improve employee employment and benefits.

  • 3

    Concentrate on highly profitable businesses

  • 4

    Change in capital policy through stock transfer

  • 5

    The survival of the enterprise

Paradigm Shift conducts detailed interviews to discuss your M&A needs, including future needs that have yet to be determined, and then proposes information and schemes that meet your requirements. Paradigm Shift will then use its various networks to introduce you to a suitable candidate company from among a wide range of companies. In addition, for companies that are difficult to approach or negotiate with directly, such as those with whom we already have a business relationship or those with whom we have a competitive relationship, we go in between the companies and accurately communicate the value of the seller and their wishes to support them until the conclusion of a contract.

  • 1

    Strengthen core businesses

  • 2

    Diversify your business portfolio by entering new businesses

  • 3

    Acquisition of customer base

  • 4

    Management human resources and engineering acquirer

  • 5

    Realizing a Speedy Growth Strategy

We hold a detailed meeting with the buyer to discuss its growth strategy and provide the latest information on the IT industry and propose an M&A strategy. We can then introduce candidate companies in line with your specific M&A needs and support you in all aspects of negotiations. In addition, we support M&A in accordance with the buyer's needs, flexibly responding to the buyer's wishes such as finding a candidate company and conducting due diligence.


  • FEATURE 01
    As a specialist in the IT field
    One of the largest project results in Japan

    Since its establishment in 2011, Paradigm Shift has consistently provided M&A advisory services specializing in the IT sector. Paradigm Shift has grown to become one of the largest IT M&A advisory firms in Japan, currently supporting 30 to 40 transactions per year. We have been involved in IT-related M&A from early on, and we are confident that our know-how, information capabilities and industry network are overwhelmingly strong, backed by our extensive experience in this area. Paradigm Shift will continue to lead the industry as a pioneer in M&A advisory services in the IT sector.

  • FEATURE 02
    A wealth of information about the IT industry

    The knowledge and information power we have developed through individual M&A deals and industry networks is a valuable asset in our M&A advisory role. Paradigm Shift has one of the largest M&A track records in the IT sector in Japan, and of the 30,000-odd IT companies in Japan, we have relationships with more than 10,000 of them and have built a system that allows us to gather the latest information from a wide range of companies. As a result, our knowledge of the IT industry and our ability to gather the latest information is overwhelming in comparison to other M&A advisors, and this is one of the great values of Paradigm Shift.

  • FEATURE 03
    A high level of "conviction" and "satisfaction

    IT technology continues to evolve on a daily basis, and Paradigm Shift, which specializes in the IT domain, follows the latest IT technology trends and information on a daily basis. As a result, we are able to accurately understand the IT needs of the buyer company and introduce candidate companies that meet those needs. In addition, we are able to accurately understand the unique value of the IT industry, such as the size of the website, the number of users, and the domains owned, and accurately convey the value of the seller company to the buyer company. As a result, we are able to provide both the buyer and the seller company with a high degree of satisfaction and conviction.

  • FEATURE 04
    Appropriate deal structuring by a team of professionals

    Paradigm Shift is a team of professionals with a background in investment funds, lawyers and accountants. Rather than simply providing introductions, we provide a wide range of support, including the development of appropriate schemes, professional due diligence, and consulting to meet the needs of our clients. We are also able to respond to a wide range of needs and complex matters, such as the carving out of a business unit with complex contractual relationships, group restructuring including the liquidation of claims between related companies, and the gradual arrangement of multiple individual shareholders.


  • STEP 01
    Interview for business and M&A needs
  • STEP 02
    Creation of a corporate profile (non-name sheet)
  • STEP 03
    Identification and selection of the transferee company
  • STEP 04
    Proposal to the transferee company
  • STEP 05
    The introduction of the transferring company and transferee company
  • STEP 06
    negotiation of terms and conditions
  • STEP 07
    Basic Agreement (LOI)
  • STEP 08
    Due Diligence (DD)
  • STEP 09
    Final Terms Negotiation
  • STEP 10
    Mergers and acquisitions

※This is a general reference flow. A special flow can be created depending on the sell-side or buy-side situation.





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