That heat is
what makes the world go round.

There are moments when the world changes. There are moments when the tides of the times change.
These changes don't come dramatically one day.
It is not brought about by a handful of geniuses.
There are people who never stop running and people who never give up and keep on struggling.
We believe that the world is changing little by little through the immense efforts of countless people and companies in the marketplace.

"There is no way that M&A can spread in the IT industry."

I've been in the M&A advisory business since 2011, when everyone thought so.
We also have been struggling.
We've been trying to catch the first signs of change before anywhere else, out of nearly 30,000 IT companies.
We have established customer contacts with over 10,000 companies.

In order to understand market needs and trends more accurately than anyone else, we have taken risks and developed businesses in the IT industry.

Just as the insanity of "IT x M&A" has now become the norm.
The moment the world changes, the moment the tide of the times changes, is the moment you have to keep struggling to make a difference.

It's presumptuous to say that we can change the world, but we can be a force to be reckoned with for people and companies that change the world.

As finance professionals, consultants, and players in the IT world, we want to share our dreams with the countless people and companies in the market.


Company Name Paradigm Shift Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location
Akasaka stargate plaza 13F, 2-3-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Phone Number 03-6386-1099
Representative Director Tomohito Mure
Director Yuta Nakamura
Director Tomosada Yoshikawa
Director Muneyoshi Nomura
Auditor Hatsumi Kana
Auditor Tomonori Sugo
Auditor Obata Tomohiro
Establishment January 2011
Capital 10,000,000yen
Business Activities M&A Advisory and Business Development
Corresponding Bank Mizuho Bank, Shibuya Chuo Branch






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