Developing new services that capture the market

As a pioneer in M&A, specializing in the IT field, we create new businesses by developing businesses that suppress industry trends and increase the probability of success.
Utilizing the network of IT companies that we have cultivated through M&A, we work closely with our partners to spread new services to the world.


  • FEATURE 01
    Planning a trend-setting business model

    Every day, M&A advisors like us spend the majority of our costs on acquiring information about companies and industries. For this reason, we have the most up-to-date information and are well versed in a variety of business models that you can't get from the internet or newspapers alone. We plan and develop business models that are ahead of their time.

  • FEATURE 02
    Team composition with a wide network

    In Japan, it is said that there are approximately 30,000 IT-related companies, and we have a network of 10,000 of those companies, and we will develop our business with a sense of urgency by obtaining the cooperation of the most appropriate partners based on the broad and deep network we have acquired through IT x M&A.


There is no set flow to business development.
Businesses are launched after repeated trial and error with customers.

  • クロスボーダーIP事業のロゴ

    Game Publishing / IP Management

    We mainly distribute mobile games from overseas game developers to the Japanese market.We are engaged in game publishing business and support for overseas distribution of Japanese manga and anime.

  • ギフトチケットのロゴ

    Gift Ticket

    By simply showing the barcode screen on your smartphone, you will always receive a digital gift that can be exchanged for products from major fast food and convenience stores and cafes.


new paradigm.

Akasaka stargate plaza 13F, 2-3-5 Akasaka,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan




Reception Time:
Weekdays 9:00 ~ 18:00

Game Publishing
We currently have about 30 foreign games available in Japan. For mobile devices, we have Google Play, KDDI's au Smart Pass and SoftBank's App Pass, and for consoles, we have publisher accounts for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, so we can distribute games that have not yet entered Japan. We would like to distribute to each of the above markets.

Supporting overseas distribution of anime and manga
We support the distribution of Japanese anime and manga to China. Since we have a branch in China and Chinese staffs are on board, we are able to negotiate the distribution contract to Chinese video distribution platforms, translate the contents, and operate them after distribution, leaving all the operations of overseas distribution to you.

We can flexibly provide support from overseas to Japan and from Japan to overseas, so please feel free to contact us for more information. https://paradigm-shift.co.jp/en/contact

Release Information
About Gift Tickets
Around 2012, with many companies entering the MVNO market, competition was intensifying and commoditization was progressing, and companies were looking for ways to differentiate and monetize their services. Against this backdrop, we planned and developed an original content platform, which at the time did not exist for MVNOs. This MVNO content platform is "torihodai.jp" and it is our first business development in the mobile industry. We have been building up a network of IT companies including MVNOs through M&A support, and we have partnered with them to provide "torihodai.jp".Our partner MVNO companies have been able to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and have been able to provide their services at no cost.We have developed our own "Gift Ticket" contents for carriers as well as MVNOs after the success of "torihodai.jp". The number of users of "Gift Ticket" has been increasing steadily as a service that captures the market, and by cooperating with partner companies, we have been able to increase monthly sales by 20% with a minimum number of users.




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