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We, offers M & A advisory services to more specialized 2011 in IT area. Has the nation's largest performance in the current, from the company that represents Japan to venture companies, we have meet the needs that are manifold. The Company is a domain-specific Pioneer, please leave us.

ParadigmShift's feature

Japan's largest projects track record in IT domain-specific field

We worked on dozens of M & A deals in the year, M & A transactions experience in about four years from its inception was we growth in Japan's largest. Factors that could be grown in a short period of time until the country's largest scale, and boost by the strong M & A needs of the IT area, of and very fast decision-making IT domain-specific, and because was able to run at the same speed as the speed of service development we believe. Then, in the M & A advisory business, the person in charge of experience cultivated through the projects, the thickness of the industry in the network that was built through the project, is an important element of the projects established. Precisely because an area specialized, exhaustive factors of success such as experience and industry within the network, is that you are effectively suppressed is our strength.

supports small-scale M & A business like apps

For general M & A advisory business, the IT sector M & A (especially services, sale of application units) compared to other projects, it is also often a small, also, industry characteristics and appropriate projects even if embarked composition can not be the case will be seen here and there. Also, despite the small-scale M & A, occurred cost of preceding such launch gold, from the viewpoint of economic rationality, it can not be said that there is a win-win. We are taking advantage of the strengths of the region specialized, run the closing of the quick projects, also the initial cost of such start gold because it through the "success-based compensation" that it is not required at all, continue to meet even these small your request below.

features of professional domain-specific and projects track record of the 「persuasive"」 with 「satisfaction」 service

Precisely because a domain-specific, for the target company in the IT area (business), compared to other companies, it is possible to accurately and deep business understanding. Accurate and deep business understanding, not only understanding of the business you are doing now, we will direct connection to the due diligence that is taken into consideration to future growth strategy. This due diligence, we believe that bring benefits to both seller buyer.

For the seller, it will lead to the sale of a high business value, providing a smooth sale omitting the proposals and interviews of "irrelevant" is also in the selection of the buyers of the companies. In addition, such as service of growth after the sale, lead to be delivered with confidence his a "child", will help the sale of "persuasive" and "satisfaction" as a result. Also for the buyer company, is directly linked to the creation of synergies with existing business and growth strategy, the height of the "persuasive" the seller is stronger the cooperation after the acquisition, and the "satisfaction" of both until after the M & A to achieve sustainable trade.

Appropriate projects composited by Professional team

We are investment banking, professional team with a focus on members of the investment fund born. It is not a simple introduction industry, construction of an appropriate scheme in response to your request content, technical due diligence, and support a wide range, such as consulting. Also, cut out contractual relationship is complex division, group restructuring, including the receivables organize relations between companies, such as a plurality of individual shareholders staged compiled, all the needs, we will meet in complex projects content.