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Transfer Company
Industry Type Web services development company
Type unlisted
Reception Company
Industry Type Subsidiary of Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company
Type listed


The target company to develop web services business development and management, smart phone application users and profits grow in the target company in-house resource management including cost increases have not the transfer of service is our hope, development of the transferee to start


In the growth of the service, which is a smart phone application service companies, many examples, it can be appropriate and stable operating point after the acquisition, and synergy of business management of enterprise and the transferee exists, that the focus on two points. In the advertising business, to a subsidiary of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies approach is running a media business.

Media business, business and service to be transferred together with the advertising business, by mutual agreement. The transfer of service iOS, Android account, the account transfer ASP business support, we carried out M and A. For the company, and M A without experience in the past, this was the first time. For the first time. M A, and from the service unit was M A and, of course, support and A paperwork in M, pause and service users to execute smoothly to avoid stressful and M A, full of IT domain-specific application know-how of our development, it is not just a M A and advisory support to stay at work.