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Case Detail
Industry Type MVNO business company(取り放題.JP)
Type Fukusu-sha


2012 or later, MVNO (mobile virtual network operators) operators number appeared that entry into the area. MVNO business company communication line fee, call charges, handset sales have commoditized competition intensified. Monetization of these other than, I was seeking to differentiate itself from competitors.


It is planning a platform that allows the Company to provide a conventional mobile phone carrier and equal to or greater than the content of services, development. It provides news, weather, free portal application can see the fortune-telling, and the like, and pay the content provider of the platform specifically. In the communication line, quite difficult differentiate the I only voice communication line, and by companies strengthen content provision, it became possible to perform a service provision not in others. Also by the platform of, MVNO companies without cost burden, respectively, it was this service becomes possible deployment.
May 2015 currently, introduced determined by the six companies.