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Product Development Solution

As a pioneer of domain-specific area, it is possible to suppress the industry trends and fight with our customers in business development to increase the probability of success.Unlike the simply entrusted development, our professional team, being based on customer's needs and growth strategy, will continue to propose the solutions of order-made type.

ParadigmShift's feature

offering one-stop service of planning, development, operation and PR

Our company has a Chinese subsidiary as a base for business development. While utilizing the China subsidiary offshore development, we offer outsourcing business of simple tasks business, operational agency of services in general, and other business development services to meet a variety of customer needs in one-stop in business operations. But our features will not just remain in the general offshore business. The most important part of business development offered by our company is not only simply offerring outsourcing or entrusted development , but also make a proposal about one-stop service of PR, development, operation as well as the proposed business plan,which is to extracted by our professional team from the growth strategy clients's company.

synergy with M & A to maximize the value

Prior to the transfering of business in M&A,we always make sure that business development value has been improved between buyer and solder after purchasing. For example, reduction of business operating costs by cutting out simple tasks work in the business, improvement of business value by extension the development of the target service and service sales in partnership with retailer, we offer a variety of choices that will lead to the improvement of business value . We would like to make your company's M & A more meaning by doing business development at the same time.

The belief is that "stay in risk" and apart from a simple consulting and entrusted development

We have a "belief" that our business development should fundamentally distinguish general consulting services from entrusted development business.There is the thing called "share risks with each other" as you can see in the case of the Corporation U-NEXT.The business grows with risks. If the risks are accepted by just one side,there must be some changes in passion for business,services of interest, ideas and so on.Our company think a variety of schemes over and over such as whether we should burden the initial cost of the development or not, finally we believe that the attitude of "share risks with each other " is directly linked to competitiveness. In fact, hitherto, , it is possible to ,In fact, we have based on this belief all the time and built up a track record that carry out the business development together with the deep involvement for various clients.

to have the finger on the pulse,improve the probability of successful business dramatically

Our company is centreing around IT domain-specific of M & A advisory business and business development ,at the same time, communicates with thousands of the companies in these years.We already figured out what kind of business or enterprise the current market is looking for in the M & A advisory business field and the value of it. In business development, what kind of business services is growing, where is the point that separates the success or failure of businesses and services, we always finger on the pulse and accumulate how to deal with them by experiences. The experience have improved the probability of business success dramatically.When we start a new business or service,It seems that there are few companies have like us. Why not combine our objective knowledge in IT field with your growth strategy and new business to explore the success of the business?