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Message from the President

Management mission「always create a new sense of value in the IT field」

Global competition in recent years has increased intensively in each industry with an unthinkable speed。The business circles may be expert at improving the existing technology and method but also find it hard to make it as an epoch-making transformation.In addition,it seems that many companies out of IT business circles usually ignore the existing technology or methods and try to change the condition from 0 using common sense of the other business circles

In a paradigm shift, we want to create a new kind of values brought by the people not in the IT field. In a word ,the IT field is to say all the things from the hardware to the Internet field which of services are provided by using middlewares. In addition,IT field is involved closely with various areas that never think related with,such as medical, agriculture,finance,and develops rapidly now .The paradigm shift would like to supply clients with a new sense of value in order to expand the business while grasping a variety of industry trends in the IT field.

When I look back from its founding period, the company was launched in the form of rented third-party office in January 2011.It is started from a corporate site made by myself using one pc without funds, human resources .In such a situation,thanks to the friends and operators who helped me, the company is growing up and able to celebrate the fifth year in 2015. The first successful case assisted by us in trading companies’application impressed me very much when we started the career in 2011.In the current we are focusing on the M & A of perform support in a larger scale such as business unit in the enterprise unit has become the center. Mainly in listed companies last year, we were able to carry out the M & A support of IT companies with more than 30 per year. On the understanding client company's management strategy, we are recognized as a result you are able to propose the M & A strategy.

Furthermore, in order to reach the business improvement for clients, we also offer them business development without the purpose of M & A. In 2012 we opened a Chinese subsidiary which has system development capabilities, BPO functions and promotional functions so that it could support the business from various fields while enjoying the benefit of the China policy.

Hereafter our company as well as all the employees would like to continue to grow with the clients and expand our business.



2006年4月 株式会社ジャフコに入社。関東を中心にベンチャー企業から中堅企業まで幅広くベンチャー投資およびM&Aを担当。IT企業を中心にのべ20社以上の投資及びM&Aを手掛ける。2009年5月に株式会社オークファンに入社。2011年株式会社パラダイムシフトを創業、代表取締役就任。横浜国立大学大学院国際社会学研究科経営学専攻修了