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Transfer Company
Industry Type Game development companies
Type unlisted
Reception Company
Industry Type First Section of the Tokyo Stock
Type listed


Transferee company is a gaming equipment manufacturer of major domestic. The past few years, copyright cost (copyright cost of particular game machine for) such as a character to be used in the game machine has been soaring, to hold copyright in-house, to examine the aim M & A cost compression of the game machine development projects. Along with their holdings of copyright, in the part of management strategy to diversify the destination of the copyright, hope a group company of the game development management company for social games and console. M & We have received a request from the development of the target company until the closing of the A, start the approach to each company.


Several candidates in our listed companies. One of the BVI Corporation was established in the British Virgin Islands which have the Japanese game development company (company) to approach. Performed a plurality of times of the management of business synergy, interviewed a lot of acceptance check of corporate strategy management between both, and to promote the M A and execution. For the company, BVI Corporation) to each of the shareholders of our company to contact, as an adviser to the exercise of voting rights to conclude a written agreement. Then, through the BVI Corporation shareholders, transfer of stock for 100% subsidiary company is executed. When viewed from a third party, the acquisition of Japanese video game developers, and between the parties in the BVI Corporation, and A M cross border. Cross border issues, and the difference between domestic and M A, many different parts, such as laws and regulations, there are many complicated procedures, the work itself is often a very difficult matter. As our advisory and support, including the administrative procedure in the execution of the M A and the transferee company became the first cross-border deals.

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