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Transfer Company
Industry Type e-commerce management companies
Type unlisted
Reception Company
Industry Type First Section of the Tokyo Stock
Type listed


Transferee company to expand the Internet media business, is considering a new entry into the earlier than EC business, considering market entry by acquisition. In the course of the study, M & A several companies listing the company in-house target. In order to explore the intention on the M & A of the target company, there is a request from the transferee company to us, to start the approach.


The target company has invested more than one investment firm to this, at that time, since the shareholding ratio of the investment firm was the largest shareholder has been tightening the ratio close to a majority, approach to the investment company is the largest shareholder. So make sure that the maturity of the fund was invested in the target company is approaching. Also, because the intention has been confirmed for sale from the investment company, to set the interviews transferee company and the target company both of management. In the interview, make sure both that also there are business synergies after the acquisition, it was decided to proceed with M & A. The scheme, run a multiple of investment companies that had invested in the target company, than other shareholders other than management, the M & A in the form of transferee company is a subsidiary do the stock acquisition. For the transferee company, it was a project that will be the first of the M & A.

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