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Industry Type the mobile phone sales company
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The incentives of one career shop operated by A company reduced the benifits mobile phone sales and there is a possibility of falling into financial difficulties . In order to compensate for the reduction incentive,we think it is possible to obtain monetization of non-mobile phone sales.


To the user at the time of mobile phone sales, to build a method to build a business flow to guide the content provided by third parties, get an incentive from the content management company as well as from the carrier. By A company to build together a store management system of about 400 stores that operate, guidance system that can introduce the content that has a feature in each store, medal count, sales of each store, the acquisition flow, etc. grasp can you build a CRM. Becomes that each store can each sales maximization, revenue growth of about 300 per year one million yen as a business development effect.